Sunday, August 16, 2009


okay, good things carry other rotten one sometime; and this time the good news from Arsenal’s victory did nothing to mend my broken heart. LA Galaxy lost by 2 goals to Seattle Sounders. David Beckham was red carded due to his 50-50 challenge on his opponent. i did not watch the match, therefore i cannot say more than i have already said. but from what i gather, It was not intentional and the fact that it was 50-50, the referee should have gone with yellow instead of red. Bruce Arena  didn’t offer a helping hand at all and clearly furious with his former captain. but what the hell, Galaxy played rubbish anyway, so i won’t bother with their result. fortunately, i didn’t have to see it all or i become really mad. i’m counting down to the day when Becks is moving to Europe and not bother to wear Galaxy’s jersey forever. American audience does not appreciate football, therefore a player like Beckham should have never gone to MLS at the first place. i guess he now regretting his haste and foolish decision a while back ago. LA Galaxy is nothing compared to any European clubs. GO TO HELL

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