Saturday, August 22, 2009

a true footballer

not many will ditch a better financial terms and go with his own goal. a month ago, ManC made a move to our former striker Adebayor and paid him dearly for his services, would he make a rare success? we don’t know that just yet. as i can remember Avaro Negredo had scored for his former team, Real Madrid during a friendly match and now he was sold to another title contenders, Sevilla. he chose Sevilla for footballing purpose and not others. there have been many transfer records during the summer window and not one is based on football. Benzema changed side to Madrid this season, and it’d be a lie if he did not think of money behind his decision. Real Madrid is a big team, but their recent achievement has been so far disappointing. while Barca enjoyed festive season, Madrid slumped to second last season. will Madrid resurrect? one will never know.

Negredo isn’t special, as many would love to pick Ronaldonald as their favorite attacking player. but the quality of a football player doesn’t always lie on his technical skill but as well as his attitude. Ronaldonald is top quality, but his conduct is questionable. perhaps it is true, that in this modern day people wouldn’t look at other qualities except greenback. and so far, my theory has been right

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