Monday, October 12, 2009

Another exclusion?

With an absence of Rooney this Wednesday, will England find the net? I think they will do business as usual. A home game has its own advantage with thousands of home grown fans cheering on its team. Rooney absence is nothing but a small hurdle along the way, as Lampard, Ste-G, Lennon and possibly Milner will find their way into the game. Gerrard was a doubt yesterday, but might be included into the starting XI anyway; and if, he were to be sidelined, Milner or Young would be more than happy to fill in. What about DB? Is he going to make it even as a sub?; I doubt he will make the cut. What a waste trip from LA anyway. But I do believe he can still offer something to the team though some young players are tired of seeing him in the dressing room. It's OK Becks, let them cry seeing you perform.

Ballack is considering to retire from international duty after WC in order to extend his play time with his club, Chelsea. What about DB? I don't know, he's definitely won't stop playing football at the club level so soon. I just wish him the best and hopefully he'll be on the plane departing to South Africa next summer.
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