Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mighty clash

I have to wait for another day to watch my beloved Arsenal, meanwhile I can shift my attention to big match between league leaders, ManU and Le'pool which will take place few hours before the Gunners.

A season ago, ManU were hammered by the Reds in a very stylish way at Old trafford. Can Le'pool do the same this season? Well, I'm not too sure. After 2 consecutive defeats in champs league, it must be hard for Rafa's troops to do the same again as they'd done some months ago. ManU aren't so hot either, though they might have won their recent matches it doesn't stop them from being humbled by much 'weaker' opponents. With injuries plagued both sides, I believe it's going to be an interesting match. Le'pool already missed Stew-G and Torres and could probably trouble their future if these two don't recover really soon. ManU will be without Fletcher, Scholes and Rooney. If I were AF, I wouldn't worry so much as Anderson and Berbatov are there to fill in the gap, besides there's always other young blood to replace these players. Vibrate Nani and Shaky Valencia will be there to spoil Le'pool's night.

No matter how hard I pray to God, I know a fact that it will be hard for Le'pool to beat ManU even if they have the advantage by playing at home. But I do have this tiny hope that they could do it. But my verdict will be 2-2. A draw would be enough for us to catch them, but only after we beat West Ham.
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