Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another title has gone

I am not in the mood in writing this, but I had to because someday I will remember this day as the biggest disappointment in Arsenal history. We had come so far to be in this place and somehow Arsenal players squandered the chance to be crowned as premier league champions for the first time in, I lost count to it. The last trophy we've obtained was in 2005, which also ended our magnificent season. Seasons followed had been about departures of key players and disappointment after disappointment.

Let's talk about last night match shall we?. At the beginning of the match Birmingham had threatened our defence but fortunately, newly elected CB Song formed a good partnership with his senior Sol Campbell provided good coverage for midfielders to roam forward.

Unproductive 1st half didn't end there. 2nd half gave nothing but another annoying performances from each player. Only after the introduction of Arshavin and Nasri did the team get much better in shape.

The goal came in the nick of time for Arsenal to pull through. But our joy didn't last long apparently. An own goal by Almunia gave the home side moment to cheer about. It was foolish decision by the goalkeeper to palm the ball away into his own net when he could have easily punched it elsewhere. And draw it was.

We had the chance but we blew it. The players have nothing to blame but themselves. Plenty of chances coming their way but they missed all of them, including Arshavin weak shot just before equalizer from Birmingham shattered our premier league title dream.

Chels showed characters and beat Villa with scorching result; 7-1 at home, nevertheless it showed that they are still chasing the title regardless their painful exit from European championship. What about us? Well, apart from being national mockery we are plain young guns who once again failed to sustain consistency which cost us everything from pride to title. We are no longer the side other low clubs feared of; we are just school kids who are trying to prove ourselves among professionals. Do I sound harsh to you? No offense but I say what I think it is.

We keep passing the ball when all we have to do is sneak a pass to our forwards and blast a shot. How many times we'd failed to capitalize possession and wasted them mercilessly? Too many times. We lost focus and screwed our chance to gain 3 points.

Chels and MU will face each other next week in which both of teams have possibility to drop points; Arsenal have all but assurance to stay on top if they can get full points. However, we lost our grip yesterday and let it slip once again.

Am I disappointed? No, to be honest I had this kind of premonition few hours before the match. Call me absurd or superstitious any way you want, but I have always trusted my guts. No matter how hard I tried to believe we could win, deep inside I had dark clouds over my thoughts. Nevermind, I can't change the past nor do I can make it better. We have to look forward in order to get past this which is another trophi-less season. Hopefully, the result of 09/10 would knock some senses on Wenger and start adding some qualities into our squad. Fingers crossed everybody.
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