Wednesday, March 24, 2010

injury and our title chances

the injury list has lost one of its member, Robin Van Persie. it was reported yesterday that RVP has begun his light training and most likely will return to competitive match as early as May, the right time to play his last game of the season. apart from him, we have no one back for Birmingham match this weekend and that means we will probably stick with Silvestre and Song as our CB. Gallas is out for another 2 to 3 weeks, so there’s no chance he can make it back on time for champs league against Barcelona, while Sol will be rested to make sure he is ready for tough match in champs league.

Birmingham are no jokes. they could handle pressure playing at Stamford Bridge and earning well deserved 1-1 result. but it could have been Chelsea ugliest home game since they were ousted from champs league by Inter Milan and JT sensational scandal made it a lot worse; or is it the other way around? either way, it could have been both. anyway, Birmingham have been in moderate form and could spare us surprises if we don’t careful enough. despite making positive results in recent matches, i have huge amount of doubt over partnership between Song and Silvestre. no, i don’t doubt their talents but i am more concern with how well they will cope with Birmingham pressure; away games have never been easy, regardless team we are playing.

Bowyer’s presence can shake our defence if we don’t start to do things right.with Song move further back, i presume Diaby will take his turn patrolling in the centre alongside Denilson. unfortunately, Ramsey is out injured so we don’t have any extra man in the centre and that makes me even worried. Diaby is prone to any kind of injury and usually will take time for him to completely heal, something that i don’t fancy during important matches like this one. hopefully, he will stay injury free at least until Vermaelen and Gallas are back.

since we have already played all matches we need to play, and no other cup is tied into our schedule we are free from playing midweek matches except for champs league of course. Birmingham on the other hand, still have Blackburn to think about this Wednesday. currently, they are on 9th spot while Blackburn sit 3 places apart with 9 points of gap. for both teams, a win is a must so we get to see them knock on each other real hard. i hope Blackburn will get the 3 points at home and be able to shake Birmingham’s players out of their comfortable zone for our sake.

we are in a place where one tiny mistake can lead us down to that pitch black hole again; yet another trophy-less season. yes, Chelsea are 2 points adrift from us but they still have one game in hand and with Drogba available for selection, Chelsea could still eclipse MU and us. let’s not be worried about others’ results ,shall we? the most important thing for Arsenal is to keep winning matches both home and away. there’s no point of talking “want to win trophies” but if we don’t show the right attitude, we will never get there. the difference between winners and losers are not just plain luck, but mentality as well. play like champions, the rest is taken care of.

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