Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Champs League

On Thursday morning Arsenal will face toughest European title contenders, Barcelona and they will be without their captain, Cesc Fabregas. His knee injury has been a concern for us ever since he received a knock on Saturday's game against Birmingham.

We are at the advantage by playing at home. A win is a must, by at least 2-0 score line, or we will never make it at Nou Camp. It will be an uphill battle for Arsenal to keep a clean sheet especially going against a team such as Barcelona who are playing the most attractive football in Europe.

We couldn't have asked a better opponent and moment to answer those challenges thrown at us. Will we ever succeed? Or will we concede?. Very simple questions but yet too complicated for me to answer them. Honestly, it will be difficult for Arsenal to win it without ever-inspiring captain Cesc, not mentioning our mental state after conceding premier league title last week would be a large stumble block. But we need to support the team no matter what has happened.

Will I be watching? Not too sure. It's a late live broadcast so I probably going to skip it. The recent result still leave marks on me. It's really painful to see your beloved team crumbled yet again. The whole nation including media, especially those who support cash cow MU, will never let this moment go by without a single hateful comment. They will probably going to blame the coach for not having adequate qualities to become champions and having failed to add some fresh legs during winter transfer, the team withered over time.

What do I think? It's partly true that we were in the need to buy new forward especially in the absence of our main strike force, RVP and Bendtner. But we also need to take into consideration a world class forward doesn't come cheap nowadays and paying up an amount that goes up every now and then, it's too absurd for us to handle. Look at the balance book and you will be grateful for having a very careful manager like Wenger. We have to use whatever source we have, coach hasn't had a better option you know.

Arsenal players should bear responsibilities as any professional football players should do, no more no less. On Thursday morning we will see how far can Arsenal go in the future. If we can win both legs and keep a clean sheet, European title is possible. It is theirs to lose and we can't afford to see our trophy room gets the mockery once again. Good luck Gunners
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