Friday, April 02, 2010

Champs League Is Now Over and Now Let's Talk About Premier League

I must say, a draw is good enough for Arsenal I was hoping it was obtained away from home though, so we would have much better claim. Anyway, the damage has been done 2 goals can't just be erased, therefore better attitude is much needed next week. We won't be having 2 weeks interval as previous months since the season draws close, instead we will face them again at Nou Camp next week.

Honestly, I am not in the position to give comments on how the boys handled the pressure for 90 minutes since I skipped it, but judging from most of news articles I've read, the boys made a sensational comeback to earn 2 important goals, thus giving us a real chance to catch Barca at home. Sounds delirious right? But matter of fact we can. We are the underdogs, the pressure isn't on us but on the home side.

Being the European champions as they are if we can keep our tempo and possession for the whole 90 minutes, we will go through. The key will be: commitment, discipline and attitude. Without each one of them, we will falter.

Now moving on to premier league shall we?. This Saturday we will greet Wolverhampton in our home and they aren't easy to be pushed away especially when most of our key players are occupying medical room. It is confirmed that Gallas, Cesc and Arshavin will all miss the season. And yes, they aren't young Gunners who have just joined first team but our backbone to win titles. Some newspapers have begun questioning our title chance after we lost our captain and I bet half of them believed we have no hope to be champions, yet again.

I should keep my positive thoughts as high as I can possibly be; the reason is simply because we have to do this for the sake of thousands of Gooners out there. How many years have they waited to see us this close from winning a title? Nearly 5 years if you can calculate it right. The last trophy Arsenal have obtained was back in 2005 and it was legendary FA cup. This should be the perfect year to win premier league trophy coz if it doesn't happen today it won't be in the future. We, in the future, will always remember the day when we nearly had it, but let it slip
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