Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Champs league exit and many more

So that's the final result. It's Barcelona to semi while Arsenal crashed out. I watched the game and honestly questioning our sloppy defence. Our only goal, scored by B52, had made us believed semi-final ticket had been safely handed to us, or so I believed. Merely 3 mins later, Messi ruined our dream by netting an equalizer. To further humiliating us, it was only his first goal out of 4 he had scored against us that day.

I don't blame Wenger for his team selection as he has been faced with mounting injury list while pondering on how far should he gamble his key players in the European championship. If you look at our bench, you would see how lightweight our team was; only Eduardo and Eboue who had the potential to go forward while others remained too 'green' to have been chosen as substitutes. Both players were later on came on as substitutes but they failed to turn things around simply because Barca were too good for them to handle.

Since the 1st minute, Arsenal had been too cautious and at times too nervous on ball resulting to many broken passes being played around. Unlike our young side, Barca played like a true defending champions and dominated possession throughout the match. Anyway, it has been more than 4 days and I will try to resume my days as if nothing has happened.

There will be crunch match between North London rivals, Tot and Arsenal this midweek. It'll be an away game and everyone in the camp knows how important the result will be for us. Tot have already without services of Pavy, Lennon and Palacios who is out due to suspension. And as for Arsenal, RVP will most likely start from the bench after months sitting on the sideline due to ligament injury; his presence is long overdue. It may sound funny but I do miss seeing him on the field. Hopefully, his return will bring positive results for us.

See you Thursday Gooners and in the mean time, stay positive and pray for our success.
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