Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Still no Persie in sight

The game will begin in less than 3 hours. Excited? I'm thrilled by the way. It is our best chance to show what we have and it couldn't come at better time. Barcelona is currently the best team in the world. I don't need to elaborate more on their capabilities. You can read that in other blogs, but not here.

I want to confirm with you again, we will be without Song, Walcott and of course Vermaelen. While Walcott's pace is hugely missed, we have Nasri & Arshavin who are more than enough to replace him. They both have no fiery pace Walcott possesses, but their dribbling in tight space will certainly add some spice in our attacking force.

It was reported yesterday through that Persie was included in the squad and flown to barcelona together with his team mates. A jolly good news indeed. But we must keep our focus in the game. No matter who starts today, our mission will be the same: get the result and come home with a refreshed mind. We have another make or break match this weekend, so we must not get distracted and lose focus.

Persie inclusion will have to wait, at least 75 minutes before kick off; it is bound by UEFA rules. If he is in, it will be good for us but if he isn't fit, then we will have to make it anyway. Let's go Gunners!

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