Sunday, March 06, 2011

Can we keep up?

Everyone in Arsenal world know the result of last night’s game. but many still do not know that Wilshere may travel to Nou Camp this Tuesday. he picked up a knock yesterday and earlier thought would miss out the crucial return leg but then considered fit. Cesc is reportedly to be ready for 2nd leg champions league clash while Puyol, barca captain is not going to feature.

I don’t consider this as a breakthrough or essential for us to be happy. however, playing without your most reliable CBs could be a threat too. Pique picked up a yellow and will not be available in the 2nd leg and now Puyol is down too. I don’t know their players but whoever replaces them would not be that bad. remember, this is barca we are facing. they have abundance of talent in the squad, so don’t expect a walk in the park.

We are still going to be without Persie, Walcott, Vermaelen and Song. our mission stays the same regardless our thin squad, so don’t be a cry baby. we are used to have crocked players sitting on the bench, what could be the difference this time around?. if facing barca makes you scared, then perhaps you should watch more golf or chess than football.

You can say I’m a overly positive bitch but I don’t care. anything can happen in football. Real Madrid got beaten by us few years back, and why can’t we do the same this year?. you may argue we had Henry, Ljunberg, Pires and others in our side and not one of our players capable of pulling the strings the way those players did, but I believe otherwise. we may have not showed our best seasons and are painfully trying to write away ‘6 years drought’ from our tagline, but it does not mean we are losers. we can, if we show it we can. in order to win matches, players must focus on task at hand and not to be bothered by media reports.

Anyway, we are currently trailing 3 points away from man utd and could have made it 1 if we had won our battle last night. however, it proves to most of football fans that nothing is certain not until we are playing our last match. there is still a chance for Arsenal to crawl back and snatch #1 spot. FA cup match against man utd next week could potentially harm manure’s confidence, should we beat them at their home. it’s a difficult task but we must get our heads up and win it.

It’s barca on Tue. it is now or never. all odds are against us I know. and even some Gooners think we are guaranteed the losing side, but please have a little faith in your heart that we may actually survive from the test and through to quarter final.

see you all then…


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