Monday, March 07, 2011

Line up pt. I

I'm guessing I will raise many eyebrows by doing it today. The game is not until Tuesday evening and anything can change during the time. But before going directly to our probable line up for champions league, let's see how are we doing right now. The mood is currently not good in the club. We failed to capitalize man utd slip up in mid week and only managed a draw on Saturday. The good news is, manure fell, yet again. And this time Liverpool crushed them with 3 goals to 1. The gap is getting bigger isn't it?. Chelsea gave them thump on their heads and won 2-1. Those who thought we were having pretty daunting task in winning it, suddenly burst into life again and cheered alongside delighted liverpudlian. I admit they helped us a lot but nothing is certain not until we play our premier league game next week.

I would much prefer for us to play our premier league match as soon as we possibly can, but we have our FA cup match in the weekend. Guess who will be our opponent? Yup, it's man utd indeed. I'm sure they can't wait to prove their worth in front of their own fans next weekend. No matter the result we will be getting in champions league, we are not going to let anyone come between us and FA cup title. Man utd are nursing deep wound from the beatings they received recently, so it is our best chance to embarrass them even further. Most important thing is, Nani is out with leg injury. It is our time to make it happen. They are respected in the football world, probably the 2nd best after barcelona, that is why cruising past them will be a huge boost for the team.

One thing that could pose a trouble for our FA glory: result of champions league in Nou Camp. If we lose, it can severely damage our confidence. It will crush our players' mental state to pit bottom level and I don't know whether they will be able to pick up another fight and win. So, it is important for them to be hundred percent focus on Tuesday in order for us to get through Nou Camp misery. Barcelona will come and attack us from the very first minute. We can win the game by not sitting at the back obviously. We must not leave our post and get invited to their half and be punched in counter; that would be dangerous. We need to wait them patiently and look for the chance to make way upfront. The key would be possession. We must control the ball intelligently and don't let them pick up our pieces. If we do that, God willing, we can dominate the game and fly out of barcelona with pride and glory.

It is not easy to dominate a game in Nou Camp, that I know. But we must show greatness and willingness to win the game or we will forever be 'barca wannabes'. If this is the moment, don't let us wait no more lads. Show the world what are you capable of.

Okay, it is time for my probable line up. Diaby is fit, so there is no chance for Wenger to bench him. Somehow, I have this tiny feeling of dislike toward the manager when it comes to Diaby, as if Diaby is indispensable. You can mock me all you want but when the game is on and Diaby is started, it's my turn to get it back at you. Sagna is now available after his suspension and will easily retain his place from Eboue. That leaves us midfield for open discussion. Song is not available due to his knee injury, that makes Deni as potential replacement, but my guts telling me Le Boss will go for Diaby and Wilshere in the deep side while playing Nasri in the left. If Cesc is fit, he will command his post as usual. If manager opt for Bendtner instead of Chamakh, we will most likely see Arshavin in the right side. As you see there are various options for us to play with but I'm sure Wenger wants every attacking options available to him.

We come as the winners, so in my opinion Wenger will choose Bendtner upfront and playing Arshavin & Nasri both in the wings. They will give us more width and space in the far side. With Walcott and Persie out that means we only have Chamakh and Rosicky as our offensive players available. It is why I think Wenger wants to reserve these two players when we are in dire moment. Ramsey will probably be in the squad but I don't think he will take part unless necessary.

So here it goes:

Wocj (GK)
Sagna (RB)
Kos (CB)
Dj (CB)
Clichy (LB)

Diaby (CM)
Wilshere (CM)
Cesc (CM)

Nasri (LW)
Ars (RW)
Bendtner (FW)

That is one of my scenario. If Wenger chooses to be more offensive, he will play Chamakh and reduced Arshavin to bench. But I don't think it's necessary. Arshavin was in good form against Sunderland, so it's unfair to snub and shove him to a bench role. From what I've been seeing, Arshavin is much better when he starts his engine since the beginning of the game. He has little effect when he is only given 15-20 minutes to play. Rosicky can replace him in the 2nd half if the situation requires. Diaby can also be sacrificed and be replaced by Chamakh; Rosicky can play at his position.

Whoever starts the game, I need them to be at their best. 1 goal aggregate is not enough to secure a win at Nou Camp. Be at your best then, lads!

Till then...
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