Tuesday, March 22, 2011

International break

I will be without proper football match for at least one week. I don’t know about you but I’m feeling rather gloom without Arsenal. yes, they have been disappointing lately but every game is a drug to me and nothing can substitute its magic spell on me. let’s move on to our main subject here shall we?.

We have 14 players on duty for their respective countries and will be facing 2 opponents this week. you can check those players here. regardless last results, the lads are ready to show their willingness to win remaining 9 matches. well, at least that was Persie said during an interview with Netherland Goal.com. so far, the fans have heard nothing more than words. it is very important for players to show their effort on the field rather than talking to the press every week.

Song, Cesc and Walcott are ready to make a comeback on the 2nd of April. it is good for them to miss upcoming international duties. I do not want my recently-recovered players have to go through distances to play for their respective countries. don’t get misunderstood, I want them to get involved in higher level but freshly recovered players should not be thrown into intense matches immediately. I’m expecting them to start next week, but may not last 90 minutes. Song has been out since final exit, so I don’t think it’s wise to give him straight 90 minutes plus of football in a day of his return. but decision remains on Wenger and his medical team hands whether or not playing these players at the start of the game.

As the league breaks for number of days, press starts picking up their pace. Clichy is rumored to be leaving this summer and some of them claiming Juventus are interested to get his service. one of Arsenal blogger even claims he was close to leave Arsenal last summer. but the question is, what made him stay?. was it because he wanted to give another shot and thinking we could win something this season?. I dunno, but I’m not going to pick it up unless a reliable source confirms it. it actually began when contract talks have been put on hold. according to Nasri, Le Boss has said to him the club would discuss it further at the end of season. perhaps, it creates bubble more than it should have.

We will have to wait until everything is done this season, then we will know who will get the boot. I’m going to talk about this tomorrow or the day after. forgive me if this entry has been pain in the eyes. I have not been in good health recently. my mind has a life of its own.


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