Monday, March 07, 2011

Song is out of tune

Apparently has confirmed Song will not be fit to travel and play for champions league against barca this Tuesday. Cesc though, is 90% and ready to be featured against his boyhood club. On the other hand Puyol, will not be in the game at all. He fails to recover from his injury and miss the 2nd leg the way he had missed the 1st one.

The news was a bad one, though it did not come as a surprise at all. Wenger had announced earlier that we may have to travel without Song who have succumbed to knee injury during Carling final. But we will have Wilshere and Cesc in the middle, so it is a big one for us.

The question is who will partner Jack in the middle. Will it be Denilson or Diaby?. Most of Gooners prefer the Frenchman over the Brazilian; simply because Denilson is thought to be an average player. Honestly, Diaby has been average since his comeback, so there is no point pushing and shoving Denilson without judging Diaby's performances as well.

Denilson might not be Gilberto but he is certainly not that bad. We will know more when Wenger is having his pre-match interview later on. I will post something if anything comes up. In the mean time I want to enjoy my dinner.

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