Thursday, April 07, 2011

The change is imminent

When the day of the match comes this weekend, every fan will once again gather around and watch with so much passion as we are champions. As title bid looks more likely goes to the other side of city, all fans turn up this weekend would like to know how the team responds to mounting pressure as the season nearing its end. It is no secret Wenger is far from happy seeing we, yet again, fall behind league leaders man utd.

Something must be done in the summer and Le Boss knows it perfectly well. Fans are furious and want some explanations; Wenger has none. Some extreme fans decide to call on Wenger's resignation end of season and should be replaced by some bouncer of some kind. First thing, you don't sack your manager when he is supposed to be the one who pays all the debt. He owes Arsenal fans a lot and he must repay them back. Secondly, who will be our next manager if we the club can't commit on £50m spending spree each season?. Hodgson? Steve Bruce? Or Owen Coyle?.

What matters most now is to bounce back and win all remaining matches and then we will see. Winning the league is more than an uphill climb now, but when you play at the most recognized and competitive league in the world, you know this will happen, whether we want it or not.

I have no doubt Wenger will roll up his sleeves and get done to his business as soon as the season ends. He has his scouts everywhere except inside the cave. I'm expecting we will hear something in the summer. But I have my own concerns though. With Arsenal work their transfer policy as speedy as snail, will everything be done exactly on time?. Let's hope 7 years with no trophy will knock them out of their comfortable seats and do things differently.

Let's worry about dead wood players and other ongoing transfer saga for the summer shall we?. It's now time to focus on task at hand which is winning our next game away at Blackpool's backyard.

Come on Gunners

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