Sunday, April 10, 2011

This is it

I don't know how many times I have said this before, but I don't think it will be enough for Arsenal. If we lost today's game, league title will definitely go to manure. Sure, we do have 7 remaining matches after Blackpool and mathematically we are still in it. But how many times do we talk about this over and over and in the end of the day we screw it all up. We are 7 points off the top and still have 8 games left with one more games compared to manure. If we win all of them, we are champions. There's a big if at the beginning of the sentence.

This team has a lot to do to prove doubters wrong and winning this game should be a good start. I will not go down to where they had been gone to yesterday. Other bloggers had a dig on Hill-Wood, media and lots of other stuff so I won't be yapping on them here. I read them all and honestly speaking, AST (Arsenal Supporter Trust) has every right to voice their opinions on current team condition and post it to relevant parties inside the club. Fans are everything for the club and everyone including Hill-Wood should not be making statement as such.

I will leave the subject and move on to most intriguing part; Wenger's press conference. As John Cross had noted yesterday on his twitter, he had never witnessed the manager as passionate as he had yesterday. Could it have been the pressure to win trophies is as mounting as ever?. And knowing his young squad would struggle to cope with pressure they are facing, he felt the necessary to defend them, hence the fiery interview. He said he would go miles to defend them because he thought his squad deserved some credit for going this far.

Were we too harsh on them?. Maybe, but aren't they now running out of excuse after they were the ones who rubbished the idea of hiding behind 'lack of experience' for so many years. If the manager admits, he has a young squad does it mean they are excused for showing a string of poor performances?. During the interview Wenger also said we didn't give them enough credit. I'm sorry Sir, you are completely wrong. There are fans out there who perhaps are out of the line and don't need to be paid attention to, but not all of them are paranoid over the top whiners who can't even spell the name of Andrei Arshavin without ridiculing him on the pitch. If these kind of fans are taken into account, I don't think we deserve trophies at all. I'm talking about real, loyal, positive fans who may be deeply hurt by poor performances but still manage to find lessons to learn after each game. They don't whine and throw nasty jokes on player but simply tell their perspective on each game and come up with clever arguments. Perhaps, it is best if Wenger spends 5 minutes of his time reading one of these bloggers and see whether they are right or wrong. It may help his team to see their weakness spot.

If you are interested reading full transcript of Wenger's interview, you can check at @JohnCrossMirror twitter or go straight to MirrorFootball website and look for John Cross' article at the main page. One thing I strongly hope for, is for player to repay Wenger's faith on them and prove me wrong. Blackpool match is in few hours. Till then..

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