Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thank You Captain

Since I'm writing this, and possibly for the next several posts, using my phone I can't direct you to web pages or blog entries from other bloggers. Mind you, they are very important to help me to form my thoughts. And it includes this one.

This morning I stumbled upon articles that @Arsenalblog quotes from a Spanish magazine, Don Balon. I can't give you full excerpt here, and to be honest I would much prefer for you to head to @Arsenalblog twitter page or and read it there. It's a bit complicated to write with your two thumbs instead of 10 fingers.

Anyway, the no. 1 person in the team had spoken about our lackluster performance and suggested his idea of why Arsenal had been failing to win trophies for six consecutive years. I agree with the notion that we, as a whole, are lacking of winning mentality and it could have been caused by six years trophies drought. His assumption, that without real taste of true glory, it was hard for players to actually produce the kind of performance winners or champions do.

He wanted to simply state of what was truly happening with his own words. I still think it is best to keep it behind closed doors. To criticize your own team, without being sensitive on your performance, would never sit well to both the fans and his boss. We know he has been struggling to keep his form after recovering from recurring hamstring injury, and may still feel a bit of set back, but saying that the whole team is lacking and he is not, it's simply ignorant.

Arsenal FC have always been keen to develop young players through their youth academy. And few of them have even been included in the senior team before. The names of Henry Lansbury, Craig Eastmond, JET are not unfamiliar to fans. They are regarded as potential XI in next few years. Back to Cesc. On the interview, he said the club should make a choice whether they want to win trophies or win titles.

As a player who had spent his time in the academy, he should have known better. He may have meant as "if we want to win titles, we need to start injecting some characters to the squad that it's not yet available in our young players". In other words, he wanted Wenger to buy experienced players.

You think I disagree with him?. People who have been following me quite some time, would surely dismiss the idea. I have always said over and over, we must add some muscles in the defence and most importantly in midfield. He gave the interview at the wrong time though. I would have liked it better, if he had given it during summer break. It would be fantastic to see our captain urging Wenger to buy quality players to accommodate Arsenal needs.

That's it for now. We are going to face spuds in about five hours. I don't have anything to say, yet. But might start have crazy ideas or thoughts a couple of hours before the game. As a quick note, both Sagna and Song are fit to play. And if they are, I'm sure Diaby and Eboue will get bench role this time. It's pity to see Diaby snubbed as he's starting to play like his old self before that horrible tackle from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. So, it will be Song and Wilshere in the middle of the park again with Cesc claims his role ahead of those two. I would prefer to see Arshavin to start to be honest. He can give us different flavor while pressing. But I think Wenger will go for Walcott and Nasri as wingers. No question should be asked who will firing bullets up ahead.

Okay Gooners, see ya later..

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