Monday, April 18, 2011

Title Crumble

The history repeats for itself. Last night we saw Arsenal handed the league title to manutd, just like the way many had predicted.

I knew since I opened a new compose message, I would be rambling instead of writing sane, constructive blog I supposed to be doing. Some may call me a bitter loser for seeing what had unfold yesterday. But not one football fan will smile happily a day after their team fall from grace.

We had been in the cloud 9, only to have been crashed and trashed merely minutes after. Was it familiar scene to you? I'm sure you are feeling the way I'm feeling now and would rather skip any morning sport news and walk through the morning rush with your earphones firmly glued to your ears. If any commuter leaf through their back pages, you would turn away and watch morning crappy traffic instead.

What happened?. This is the exact question that has been ringing for months now. Some Arsenal bloggers have offered ranging of answers, starting from immature attitude to inexperienced squad. Both reasons I have tried to accept since the beginning of the season and will try to take it as 'the Arsenal way'. However, efforts at times fail and I find myself venting frustrations on this very blog on my own.

What happens next?. Will the team fight till the very end or let it go and accept this season as runner up?. I'm sure manager will not tolerate this kind of attitude and ask nothing less than 3 points from now on. However, seeing manutd sitting comfortably 6 points on top, will not settle well with the players.

The next big question is, are we going to see well-known players quit Arsenal and move on to other big clubs?. It's interesting to see how these players don't seem to answer calls whenever we are in need to step our game up. Last night we clearly saw players tried to walk their way to opponents' box and nick a beautiful goal with the most beautiful style possibly ever recorded in football history. Unfortunately, best goals aren't done with fashion; they come when the team needs them to be scored. And they come naturally. Yesterday, we tried hard to be Barcelona which had failed before and had not proved anything since. Who are we?.

I sincerely hope all those players who received so much criticism will eventually pay all Wenger's faith, believe in them and start to work their asses off from now on. And if they leave in summer, I only have one word for you: coward. Do you think you are the only one who are concerned with trophy drought seasons Arsenal are having? No. Every fan in the corner of the earth is not happy with it and will not tolerate this kind of attitude no longer. If you want to leave, go ahead but don't talk trash on us when you sign with other club.

My mind is shrewd and I think it's best if I leave it as it is. I need time to cool off and construct more positive words instead of destruction ones.

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